EVA v2.6.4 Mod Apk


EVA v2.6.4 Mod Apk [game introduction]
“Neon Evangelion: Breaking Day” for short “EVA Dawn” is a horizontal version of the role-playing mobile game developed and distributed by Sina Games. The game is set to be faithful to the “New Age Gospel Warrior”. The operation is smooth, the screen is exquisite, and the content is rich. The game is based on character cultivation and competition. In the game, the player will drive a majestic mech, gradually unlock the fate of the character through the constant challenge of the level, and experience the wonderful journey of seeking for human completion.

[20 years of feelings genuine license]
The game is licensed by the “Evangelion of the Century” and all contents are supervised by “Khara” and the original author “Anime Hideno” to ensure that the game IP is highly restored. In the world after the “second impact” created by the game, the characters are lifelike, the plots are ups and downs, and the mechs are tall and majestic. They can give players the true feeling of “driving the Titans and fighting the apostles to save humanity”.

[Glamorous skills unlimited combo]
Gorgeous skills, simple operation plus super hitting sensation can bring an extremely refreshing fighting experience. The machines of the first, the zero, the 13th, and so on are all available, bid farewell to a single character experience, and switch freely and smoothly.

【Real-time PK blood stimulation】
1V1, 3V3 live showdown, relying on operational impact of the world’s first, unique arena mechanism, skills, giving players greater play space and a more equitable competitive environment, everyone in the arena is only equal to see the operation, will no longer be RMB players have no brain suppression.

【Swimwear Kimono Casual Match】
Want to see the look of the goddess wearing a swimsuit? The original “Acquisitor Collection System” provides anime enthusiasts with fun. In the world’s first-line portraitist’s writing, the five major characters in the animation will be different from the “cool swimwear,” “traditional kimono,” and “clean cheongsam.” Costumes appear in the game and help the player fight the apostles.

– Weak Enemy Hp
– Weak Enemy Atk

Install Steps:
– Uninstall/Replace Original Apk
– Install Mod
– Enjoy

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EVA v2.6.4 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

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EVA v2.6.4 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

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EVA v2.6.4 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

EVA v2.6.4 Mod Apk – RACATY LINK