Eternal Dungeon v1.02 Mod Apk


Eternal Dungeon

Eternal Dungeon v1.02 Mod Apk In the dungeon which spreads underground of the world tree, not only the enemy, but also a lot of traps and mini games!
Battle, intuition and strategy are tested, pounding real-time battle!
A new breeding system keyed to the conversation with the character, to the adventure with the companion who strengthened!

▼ Dungeon Search RPG ▼
Choose card skills, intuitive real-time battle of easy operation!
Being transcendent beautiful graphics, do not mind flashy mustard technique is a must!
Card skills can be customized! Let’s make a strategy and shoot down a strong enemy!
Let’s step on the adventure with the courage and intelligence of the player himself! !

▼ heavy story about the world tree ▼
Suddenly demons have come down to a peaceful world governed by world trees.
Although I dismissed using the treasure of the world tree, the treasure scatters deep into the dungeon.
If the world tree weakens and withers, the demon king will resurrect again …
The player becomes a summoner and heroes to the treasure hunt exploration adventure!
Restore the demon kingdom, and stop the invasion and regain peace of the world tree! !

▼ Various and attractive heroes ▼
The total number of one and only heroes is over 30 kinds!
Each hero has an original and distinctive story in each.
While enjoying the conversation with the heroes, growing by increasing the likability, it grows. In case
Let’s find your own favorite hero and spin the bond! !

▼ Filled with plenty of play ▼
A competition battle competing against other players and a guild function.
Implement various player reinforcement systems of plenty of interaction elements such as the building system which becomes the key of the revitalization of the world and the cooking function indispensable for the character’s growth!エターナルダンジョン

1. Mod Menu
2. God Mode
3. One Hit
4. Unlimited Skill


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