Eagle Shooting Heroes 3D v1.7.0 (High damage + God mode)


Eagle Shooting Heroes 3D

Eagle Shooting Heroes 3D v1.7.0 (High damage + God mode) Huashan Wujue again on the sword, Jin Yong authorized Shooter heroic setter tour a strong landing new horse! You are the hero!

Dream of Jin Yong, recast classic! Genuine Jin Yong authorized, Eagle Shooting Heroes pass a strong landing new horse.
Guo Jing Huang Rong meet again, Huashan Wujue again on the sword!

Classic heroes to reproduce the arena, martial arts once again set off a storm situation!
Hearty fighting pleasure boarded your cell phone screen, 3D game screen gives you the most fun experience.

Legend of the Legend of Eagle Shooting Heroes will continue to write fifty years.
Honest and honest Guo Jing, clever Huang Rong, rebellious Yang Kang, handsome and elegant Mu Nianci, Jiangnan seven strange, the world will be together with the five debut, and you battle the top of Huashan, aspirations Huashan Mountain.

Who is the hero? You are the hero!


Eagle Shooting Heroes Setter New Edition is licensed by the Jin Yong Genuine, adapted from the classic martial arts masterpiece “Eagle Shooting Heroes”, as a descent pure Jin Yong martial arts themes hand tour, the perfect reduction from the Niu Jiacun snow disaster To the Huashan Mountain Sword Five Commandments of the classic story.

Gorgeous light and shadow effects through the game so that the effect of battle screen dazzling, gorgeous skills and Qigong like a sense of hit can make you feel like a hearty battle. The actual combat in the seal hole, floating, dizziness and other effects are increased by the degree of martial arts reality, so you can experience the most realistic and most fun martial arts gaming experience!

The game in a copy of the way the chapter will be the original of the important characters and events one by one in front of the player. Huang Rong holding the dog stick, back to carry the bow of the shooting Guo Jing, steep steep Huashan the top, squandering peach blossom island and other charming characters, the scene we can see.

Real-time PK, anytime, anywhere to match, want to play on the play. Fighting never cease, experience the most equitable contest, know ourselves to be victorious!

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1. Blame does not attack (NPC will not attack)
2. Critical strike 100%
3. Equipment attack 15 times
4. Increased attack range


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