Dynasty Legends: Wake v5.4.400 (Mod Apk)


Dynasty Legends: Wake

Dynasty Legends: Wake v5.4.400 (Mod Apk) 《Dynasty Legends: Awakening》 You are ready! The game is about to change fully !!!
3D mobile game ARPG from the Three Kingdoms famous celebrity!
Labyrinth. Joe Joo The most magical armored wings appear!

New checkpoints with new play methods – Labyrinths. Joe Joo is going online!
Taoist priests – Joe Joo set up 4 labyrinths to trick people into labyrinths. Liang West Labyrinth. Nansan Labyrinth. Pha Daeng And the maze. Heard the news that in the maze Many heroes are very interested. But until today, no one dared to walk in to receive …

Add weapons to the gods of Joo: Peacock spirit
Joe Joo relied on his own knowledge and created a peacock spirit as his own weapon. The peacock soul looks like a peacock spreading its wings. And in the middle of the center, with the crystal of JoJu Strong power Able to support Joe Pen, not allowing anyone to easily destroy him

Added a new wake-up commander: God.
When the commander reaches the conditions, he can open the wake-up mission: complete the challenge. Keep the alarm Passing through the checkpoint will be able to help wake the commander. After fulfilling the conditions, will be given a mission to wake up Sumai. If successful wake up Captains will receive a new face and new skills. The quality of the captains will go up too much!

Add new armor.
The magical armor year is online. ทั้ง There are both evil wings. Green bat wing, lava wing and love wing When using magical armor, it will be able to pick up a beautiful wing shape and increase the battle power.

[Game Features]
● Unrivaled Scripture: How to play unparalleled in the scriptures Beautiful shining skills Have fun playing now
● 9V9 Battle Team: The most, can get together at the same time, 18 people come together.
● Collection system: Many commanders, several main soldiers, including a new armor system Can be fun
● Animal Ling System: Train your beloved animal Ling to fight on the battlefield at the same time.
● Relation system: goodbye to games that have old relationship systems Come to meet new relationship systems Come up to battle power and build your brutal commanders.
● Delivery of cereals: Three Kingdoms resource dispute begins here.
● Historical reproduction: Many Three Kingdoms scenes will appear here. The heroes compete for power. The love between Libo and Zhang Sen will bring you true experience.
● Craft Force: Different people use their own strategies to fight. To receive the highest honor
● PK field across the server: fierce fighting on the field The biggest field is 5V5!
● Magic armor & gods weapon : Strong, armor, magic, and weapon.
● Voice actors and songs: famous voice actors Music, only games, give you a good experience.

[Abha Ong, a hero without artificial contention] Enjoy now
Fight on earth, Three Kingdoms Seize the city Open the face of the new Three Kingdoms.

[Relocate soldiers to divide the world] Famous captains over a hundred people Listen to your orders!
Over 100 famous people Thousands of gods weapons Recruit and train the gods from the Three Kingdoms!

[Battle for the Krakow army over the surf] occupy the Three Kingdoms All the heroes fight across the surf.
PK cross 5v5 server Play the StarCraft army with a new way of playing. Bring your skills to join now.

[Ancient City Scene] The voice actor came to help. Build the best battlefield
Beautiful Three Kingdoms World Large sheet Take you into the real Three Kingdoms world.

[Team battle against teams from around the world] Swearing Use each other’s tactics as the Three Kingdoms.
Some swear trusts, walking through difficulties together, dating some friends, fighting together Take the land of the Three Kingdoms

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Dynasty Legends: ปลุก
Dynasty Legends: ปลุก
Dynasty Legends: ปลุก
Dynasty Legends: ปลุก
Dynasty Legends: ปลุก

– x10 Range
– Full MP
– No Skill CD
– Break Armor
– Dumb Enemy
– Mod Menu

Note: Bypass Tutorial before using mod

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