Dropa v1.2 (Mod Apk Money)



Dropa v1.2 (Mod Apk Money)  In Dropa, a mesmerizing circular puzzle game, you’ll strategically work to place pieces of varied shapes onto the circular grid with the goal of creating full rings. Utilize your logic skills and creative thinking to find an ideal placement for each piece along the circle. Keep an eye on the upcoming piece to ensure there will be space for it.

Feel like a mastermind cracking a code while rotating the puzzle pieces and circular grid to find the perfect fit. When placed on the grid, the pieces will merge together, further connecting the circle. The more complete circles you make, the faster you’ll progress to increasingly challenging levels and valuable prizes.

This futuristic, colorful game will test your logic puzzling abilities while immersing you in a simple yet simultaneously challenging and meditative experience.

– Unlimited lives and no time limits
– Original soundtrack by Pippomatic
– Tools allow players to swap pieces or get help finding a good spot for their piece
– Daily challenge
– Minimal, colorful artwork
– Endless number of levels in all



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