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Dragon's Watch

Dragon’s Watch v0.6.3 Mod Apk Take command of the Dragon’s Watch in this exciting new battle RPG! Easy to understand but with deep strategy and addictive turn-based tactical play.

● Summon, fuse and evolve hundreds of brave heroes, with unique strengths, skills and special attacks!
● Unique one-handed play system lets you play anywhere.
● Play even when offline – no need to always be connected to the server*!
● Craft magic potions and rescue the dragons to strike down mythical monsters and fearsome bosses!
● Discover the game’s hidden secrets, solve the puzzle of the runes to upgrade your hero’s card.
● Find the legendary Golden Guardians – assemble the ultimate squad to reach the final frontier!
● Explore the fantasy realm of Kagria, rescue the dragons and win the war against evil!
● Daily quests, vortex dungeons and special events!

* wi-fi or mobile data connection is required from time to time to download new game content, and to check in with the game server periodically. We recommend connecting the game to the internet once a day if possible. In particular, the first time you play, and at the end of some regions you may need to be online to set up your account and to make content downloads.

PLEASE NOTE! Dragon’s Watch is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Dragon’s Watch.

Latest Notes – patch version 0.6.2:
Various bug fixes and UX improvements
Balance Changes
Previously it was impossible to run out of energy, Energy Costs have been adjusted across the board to fix this. The maximum energy has been reduced to 100 and starting energy has been increased to 50 to compensate.

Player Levels
XP Gains have been adjusted to provide more of a challenge in later levels. It now takes a little longer to reach higher levels, but with more significant rewards:

All Tavern summons are now acquired at Player Level. I.E. Level 3 players summon Level 3 Heroes in the Tavern. Temple summons are unchanged.

Hero Levels
Fusion has been completely re-balanced to fix a few unintended play patterns, such as some 3 star drops allowing heroes to reach max level incredibly fast. Heroes now level faster at lower levels, and slower at higher levels. This change will overall increase the time it takes to reach level max but is offset in part by the increased drop levels in the tavern. Growth should now feel more consistent and constant.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the way that Hero Level is calculated, existing players at high levels may see their Heroes become weaker. Similarly, low-level units may increase in level unexpectedly.

Combat Balance
Damage values have been adjusted with the goal of making combat less one-sided. A good player should now be able to feel the benefit of strategic choices against a stronger foe, rather than being instantly killed. There will be a little bit more back-and-forth in combat.

Recovery has been reduced overall, damage will “stick” better, which should make Heals more impactful and emphasize smart rotation and team composition.

Class Identity
Some class stat distributions have been adjusted to create more distinction. Overall, offensive classes hit harder, healers heal more and defensive classes defend better.

Potion Recipes
Recipes for Weapons in particular have been updated to prevent end-game weapons from being craftable before later regions have been reached.

Potion power has been inflated to reflect the Combat Balance changes, and better reflect the regions where ingredients can be gathered.

Dragon's Watch
Dragon's Watch
Dragon's Watch
Dragon's Watch
Dragon's Watch
Dragon's Watch


All Currency

– Disable intrenet when Buy items


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Dragon’s Watch v0.6.3 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Dragon’s Watch v0.6.3 Mod Apk – SENDSPACE

Dragon’s Watch v0.6.3 Mod Apk – ZİPPYSHARE

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