Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.1.0 Mod Apk


Dragon Nest Awake Mobile

Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.1.0 Mod Apk 3D MMORPG

Go sacred paradise was about to set sail airship,
Shining glorious memories.

Warriors return to adventure!

The game features ====== ======

– immortal classic! Long Valley on the phone –
3D MMORPG, mobile gaming beyond the highest specifications.
Perfect online game play transplantation, the most classic copy of the map,
Rose pursue the girl, dead Jie Lunte, the legendary six heroes … are familiar with the story eleven reproduce,
Old comrades, we see similar DN!

– Six professional academic departments, transfer Advanced –
Warrior, archer, mage, priest, scholar, assassin.
More than 70 kinds of the above skills, the exclusive role of arms.

– the effect of reducing end tour, Super 3D fighting experience –
Skilful and powerful operation even move!
High degree of freedom of action switch, gorgeous big move release,
Dynamic lens to create unprecedented combat presence.

– Diversification copy, and friends work together to fight –
Friends arduous land reclamation team, team fighting adventure Dragon!
Intense and exciting combat PVP!
Death struggle between the player and the player.

– Perfect custom personalized look –
More than one hundred kinds of fashion from head to toe with carefully,
Dream to create a unique appearance.

– Association gathering, the struggle to create memories –
Organize your family, then go to dance on the wall ~

Through numerous distant ladder,
Looking at the bright end piece of the Holy Land …
Waiting for an unknown journey.

※ This software is supplemented by 15 points according to the casino software and interpersonal management Free Classified
※ This game is free to use, and the other provides a virtual game currency, items such as the purchase paid services in the game.
※ Please note that the game time, avoid indulging
※ This game content involving violence (attacks bloody images) virtual romance or marriage plot, the game character wearing apparel features highlights of

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Attack Multiplier
Defense Multiplier
Attack Speed Multiplier
Attack Range Multiplier
Movement Speed Multiplier
No Skill Cooldown
Infinite MP
Kill Enemies
Instant Win


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