Dragon legend: Summons v1.0.0 (Mod Apk)


Dragon legend: Summons

Dragon legend: Summons v1.0.0 (Mod Apk) The fate of the country was maddened by the monster.The prince of the dragon tribe, Prince of the Ryukyu latent ninety years as a slave as a slave, exercises the prescribed sword sword, led the precious bride of various families and intensely with the demonic group As a result, Tom fell into the abyss, the prescribed god sword also shattered, but the gods were also greatly damaged, the various tribes celebrated themselves, and they are no longer served by the gods … …
A long time passed since then. The monster gradually resurrected, and evil was about to come back to the world again. In order to prevent the world from being destroyed by monsters, many heroks have taken to a journey to find fragments of prescribed gods … …

Feature 1, a wide variety of Avatars: Coordinate everyday fashionably!
Without Avatar, even if you try to take an adventure trip, you can not fulfill your dream of becoming a true hero. Bored with the same clothes forever! More than 100 types of avatars are set at any time. Anniversary Limited, Angel ‘s Wings, Cute Animals … … Master of Cosplay is born here. At the magical party tonight, the brightest star is you!

Feature 2, World Boss: Let’s cooperate with each other to kill it!
Would you like to eat alone and sleep, do you send such a day? In World Boss, which breaks down common sense, we say goodbye to the boring life of solo play games and kill teams by defeating the demon king. There is only you a savior! If you defeat the boss, your name will be known. Burst up the ranking of the fighting strength, bravely defeat the enemy bravely. Let’s rise to the top of the ranking and show your power and fame to the world!

Features 3, Attendant Strategy: Let’s stop fighting the army!
This work has 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 fighting mode, and users can experience real time battle perfectly. Let’s stop auto combat from now and experience each other exhilarating feeling of competition in real time! Activate ultra-luxurious skills with full screen, the fingertips will light the fierce battle and grab the victory with your own hands! “ドラゴンレジェンド:召喚

1. Mod Menu
2. Dump Enemy
3. One Hit
4. No Skill CD
5. Unlimited Mana


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