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Dragon Fang

Dragon Fang v3.0.4 Mod Apk Super Roguelike hand tour “DRAGON FANG Aralia,” the official opened the door to adventure!
Classic quenching chain, rich maze of random elements, each game will start a new adventure!
And Dragon juvenile Dolan, together solve the mystery of the extinction of the Dragon!

▼ random maze adventure is the ultimate evolution of a new experience every time
In the maze automatically generated, expand Incredibles adventure! Even into the same maze will encounter different terrain, trap, adorable and strange treasures, discover endless fun!

▼ Boss battlefield face extraordinary attention surging oppressive
Super Boss Jedi fell, bursting shocking scenes of fighting, triggering a chain domineering effects, dazzling visual feast exposure and experience to combat a sense of cool happy heart!

▼ fangs cultivation system that is critical to enhance combat capability
“Fangs” is the strongest brave Dolan should aid, continue to strengthen through fangs, flexible with different attributes, create their own ultimate combination fangs together to break through the maze, defeat enemies, Looking ultimate victory!

▼ Colosseum PVP play you a war fame
No luck, not cowardice, with global players must battle Arena! Sway strength and courage to compete for the upper number of segments, the strongest snatch the throne!

龍牙 -Dragon Fang-
龍牙 -Dragon Fang-
龍牙 -Dragon Fang-
龍牙 -Dragon Fang-
龍牙 -Dragon Fang-

1. Weaken the enemy attack
2. Improve the player attack
3. No clearance automatic fighting
PS: Please use the original through the teaching

Mobile phone ROOT can not enter the game … because there are detection system


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