Dicemancers v0.9.2 Mod Apk



Dicemancers v0.9.2 Mod Apk Discover the rush of savagely defeating your opponent by navigating your hero across the board using strategy, quick thinking, and a bit of good fortune! Face a carefully scripted series of challenges to test your wits, then take your newfound skills online. Quick matchmaking and fast games make this the perfect game to play for a few minutes on the bus – but you’ll want to keep playing for hours!

You’ll choose a hero with unique skills, and a special starting tile for each board you play on. As you face your rivals, you’ll also be gaining experience, fighting monsters, and using new items during each match. Reap the rewards and collect loot from each game that help improve your odds in battle; Use it towards customizing your next match with unique bases, skill, and hero cards. This makes each round feel like it’s own miniature RPG story, from start to finish.

Face your friends and find new rivals in this fresh and new take on one of the most iconic board games of all.

Start your new journey today in Dicemancers!


● Huge Campaign – Discover exciting and challenging single player levels.

● Fast Matches – Win or lose, each match is fun and the next one is just a tap away.

● Innovative Battle System – Grow your character and take out the enemy as your move around beautifully crafted Fantasy RPG themed boards.

● Manage your Dice cards by playing the right ones, at the right time, dominating the battle.

● Collect & expand your collection with new heroes, cards, and base tiles! Craft your own strategy by customizing your arsenal.

● Classic RPG elements – Fight monsters, collect loot, earn EXP, and level up your hero as you progress in each match – every game is different!

●Competitive PvP – Fast Matchmaking and ranking systems ensure each game is challenging, fair, and fun!


– Support: mobilesupport@r2games.com


1.) god mode

1.) I decided only to give god mode to this game, this way you can still enjoy the game as much as you like. if you have awful luck (*cough* *cough* skill) then at the very least you don’t have to worry if you ever gonna lose

Install Steps:
1.) install modded apk, put OBB, play

TeamAR proudly present you this modded dice game for your enjoyment as part of the festive seasons. Enjoy

Use of this mod means you fully accept risks of banning. Consider yourself warned.


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