Devon – The Chaos Begins v1.1.3 Mod Apk


Devon - The Chaos Begins

Devon – The Chaos Begins v1.1.3 Mod Apk  Authentic martial arts spectacular action that can only be felt RPG 3D martial arts collaboration of graphics and action!
In conjunction with varied skill combo containing a maximum of authentic martial arts action RPG
Beyond the transcendent challenge of the infinite limits! “Paewang ‘

PvP dungeon stage and in real time you can enjoy the ultimate adventure step by step, of course, did not experience the character’s collaboration also feel content!

Game Features ■■■ ■■■

▶ authentic martial arts action RPG mobile game
Speed ​​and maximize the authentic martial arts in a highly interesting as a colorful combo Distinguished Flying Action RPG

▶ Action combo to beat with your own unique skills’ association Gong ”
A combination of my own association Distinguished Flying skill to trigger a combo yeonsokgi ‘association Gong ”

▶ infinite level of excitement without end ‘reborn’
The ultimate beauty of infinite levels rise endlessly reborn with the highest state of martial arts
Of ‘reborn’ ability to deliver a strength that can not be compared with previous reborn

▶ realistic 1: 1 PvP content with winning content
PvP ‘bimu competition “unfolds in real time between a user action showdown
“Haze competition” is winning the battle gets up receiving plenty of reward items
My its four pick a team of three people keeping the character of the town ‘suhodae’

▶ Relay is designed for a total of 200 layers, the top hongan ‘
Climb up the multiple-stage interval period, the final stage boss it!
“Top of the hongan ‘waiting for a high quality reward on every floor

▶ smash statues. A variety of content, including other day dungeons, raids
To defeat a statue that holds the Distinguished Flying to obtain compensation Ranking ‘statue crush’
Daily quests and clear the other equipment items enhance rewards received “ancient ruins”

▶ requires authorization (required)
– This permission is required in order to write files to an external storage device.

▶ required permissions (optional)
– it is used in applications necessary for event notification and customer response.

▶ One way to withdraw access
– OS 6.0 or later: Settings> Application Manager> Select your app> Rights> can have access revoked
– less than 6.0, the operating system: access, so it withdraws the impossible, possible to withdraw a delete apps

■ Official cafe
: Http://

■ Customer Center
Office Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (weekends / holidays)
Phone: 02-3461-2150
Provider: (Note) Enter mate
Address: 2634-27 Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Ring Road (Yangjaedong support building 1,2 floor)
Communication seller number: 2015- -2170 Lake, Seoul Seocho
Business Number: 107-88-29363

패왕 : 혼돈의 시작
패왕 : 혼돈의 시작
패왕 : 혼돈의 시작
패왕 : 혼돈의 시작
패왕 : 혼돈의 시작
패왕 : 혼돈의 시작

1.) god mode
2.) dmg up to 5x
3.) instant death

TeamAR proudly present you the taste of different gameplay excitement
I might submit next version to vip depending how good dev increases their security but for now you guys can enjoy it

1.) to make your gameplay a lot more excited, you only have chance of 50% god mode
2.) further spicing up that excitement, dmg will only be multiplied with 20% chance
3.) want more? you won jackpot with 5% chance of instant death to your enemy !!!
4.) if at the end of playing you still not satisfied, try again to play the stage, you may hit the jackpot
5.) this game has google integration, you are given an unsigned version here.
6.) this mod version works everywhere, including PvP or any ranking systems they have – install PS version for areas of danger

Install Steps:
1.) install, it’ll download data, play


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