Demon Blaze v0.14.3 Mod Apk


Demon Blaze

Demon Blaze v0.14.3 Mod Apk In this epic, fantasy RPG battle, you’ll get to form the ultimate guild of evil-fighting heroes and deploy them onto mystical battlegrounds, where they’ll have to face off against demons! Hone your heroes’ combat and spell-casting skills, and help them defend their world by taking down the evil forces. Join the ultimate fight in Demon Blaze!


– Experience never-before-seen tactical RPG mechanics
– Upgrade your epic heroes and improve their combat skills
– Fight in Dungeon Raids
– Explore a vast, magical universe
– Auto-play mode option: Stand by as your heroes take down enemy demons on their own
– An epic, full-frontal, turn-based combat system


Strategic battles are at the core of this unprecedented RPG adventure. Bring the ultimate squadron of heroes together in an attempt to wipe out the evil forces before it’s too late. Customize your heroes with magic-repellent armor, upgrade their weaponry, and use turn-based, tactical attacks to defeat the wicked bosses scattered across continents. It’s up to you to save the world from eternal doom!


In the beginning of time, 6 otherworldly relics materialized and were spread across 6 vast continents. From these relics arose sinister beings who were determined to bring the entire world to its knees. As evil brewed, an empire formed to fight back and fend off the enemies…Help commander Leon and the empire’s army of heroes in their trying mission to retrieve the 6 relics and bring down the ominous forces at work!

Fight against evildoers to defend and ensure the continuity of your world in this magical RPG adventure today!
Demon Blaze
Demon Blaze
Demon Blaze
Demon Blaze
Demon Blaze
Demon Blaze

Attack Multiplier
Defense Multiplier


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