Dearest Danger v1.0.3 (Mod Apk)



Dearest Danger

Dearest Danger v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) Synopsis
Abandoned right after birth? Why? You, instead of anyone else, should be the master of your own destiny! The revenge begins now…
Allies, money, strategies… It’s like getting blood out of a stone while fighting watching wolves… As difficult as it is, you break your way through. You’ll rip off the masks of those hypocrites, and expose their disgusting secrets!
The road to avenge could also lead to romance, sometimes complicated ones… When the time comes, who will you choose? The man who supported you through difficult times, or the man that’s full of danger?

Mystery Solving. You need an keen eye for details, to spot clues and collect information. The more info you have, the closer you’re to success.
Multiple Choices. You’re the boss behind the scenes, who gives orders to the girls of very different personalities. Ponder before you make a decision.
Role Playing. We have versatile styles for different targets, from mesmerizing man-magnets to innocent cute girls, from sweethearts to cool ladies, we got every type the targets are jonesing for.
Realistic Narrative. Watch the arrogant, complacent douches triumphantly step into the your trap and lose everything.
Various Endings. Everything we do is for the target’s money. Gain or pain, winning or losing, are all up to you.
Beautiful Animation. In this game you’ll find romantic coffee shops, luxury hotel rooms, handsome guys and gorgeous girls which together complete this story of money and desire.
Dearest Danger
Dearest Danger
Dearest Danger
Dearest Danger

MOD APK features:
All events can be played and there are many assets.


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