Darktown – Online RPG v0.10.194 (Mod Apk)


Darktown - Online RPG

Darktown – Online RPG v0.10.194 (Mod Apk) If you find a game like Diablo, download it now

Game features

Easy to play left and right controls!
Conquer dungeons with one shot skills Farming various items!
With a cute pet!
Buy and sell various equipment items in the market!

Dark Town, Dark Town.
Bring back the light of the world with other players.

Sound note in dark cave Graphic quality can be adjusted in [Settings]
You must always be connected to the Internet. Stable WIFI Recommended!
Please wake up WIFI
If the game is broken, lower the graphic quality in [Settings]-> Quality Settings.
There are rewarded ads and partial paid items.

Cheer reviews are always a big boost.

Official community
We wait for the warrior to adventure together. Want faster news? Then come to the cafe!
Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/soullike

Also, please share your thoughts or improvements with the cafe. We will do our best to improve.
Thank you.

Smartphone app access permission guide
When using the app, we request access to provide the following services.

[Required access]
Save pictures / media / files: You need this permission to save the files needed to run the game on your device. The device photo, media, and file access rights include the right to use the storage. If you do not have the right, you need permission to read / write the information required to use the game.

How to withdraw access
Android 6.0 and above: Settings> Apps> Select permission item> List of permissions> Select to agree or revoke access
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove apps
※ The app may not provide the individual consent function, and you can revoke access in the above way.

Contact mail: support@chocolatsoft.com
Developer Contact:
1666-7198다크타운 - 온라인 RPG
다크타운 - 온라인 RPG
다크타운 - 온라인 RPG
다크타운 - 온라인 RPG
다크타운 - 온라인 RPG


  1. Dumb enemy


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