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Darkness RebornDarkness Reborn Apk v1.5.4 Android Mod A world struggling with chaos and disaster. A knight cursed by the evil dragon. Get ready for a relentless battle to escape the wrath of the Cursed Knight.
Move into evil and darkness, joins forces with your friends and shattered Boss of the Rift. good game to everyone.

The sixth character [Fighter] has arrived!
A female warrior who treasures the mystery of the East!
Now, become a Fighter and vanquish the great evil!

Approved by 35 million users around the world!
Darkness Reborn is an action RPG that you can’t find anywhere else!

Intense, bone-shattering strikes!
– High-end graphics resembling a blockbuster PC game!
– Feel the satisfaction! Destroy the Devil’s army with immaculate action and effects.

An exclusive lineup of powerful classes!
– Warrior, a rock-hard physique with destructive skills
– Kunoichi, the ruthless assassin of darkness
– Mage, the mysterious sorceress with a dancing chakram
– Daemon Hunter, penetrating obstacles with his powerful and precise arrow storm
– I will destroy anyone standing in my way. Savage, the Double Ax of Destruction!

Unparalleled scale and impeccable real-time content!
Win the 3:3 PvP Arena and reach the top rank
– Monumental scale for mobile gaming! Conquer Boss Raids with clever team-play.
Rifts, dungeons for the party of 2 chosen elites
– The endless battle for victory begins! Prove your worth in the Fallen Labyrinth.

Fight the ultimate battle!
– Auto Battle System! Conquer the massive content at the speed of light.
– Customize your characters! Craft, Enhance, and Evolve to your heart’s desire!
– 1,296 combinations of skills! Prepare for battle against the Devil’s army.

The legendary action RPG with 25 million downloads worldwide. Experience a new era of action with Darkness Reborn!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayDarknessReborn

* This game requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.
– Permission to sync your Address Book and access device status for Friend Invites
– Permission to sync your Google account
– Permission to save necessary game data externally

** This game is available in English.
** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

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* GAMEVIL Customer Support : https://global.gamevil.com/support/

Terms of Service: http://terms.withhive.com/terms/bridge/gamevil.html
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Game Name: Darkness Reborn
Category: Download Android games
Game Type: RPG
Release Date: 2017
Language: English
Size: 50.99 MB
Developer Company: Gamevil
File Type: .apk

1. unlimited mana
2. skills without CD
3. spike


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