DarkLord v0.53.0 (Mod Apk)



DarkLord v0.53.0 (Mod Apk) [Go to Official Dark Café]

# # Thanks for the Thanksgiving Thanks festival will begin! ##

If you connect now, you will be filled with legendary heroes and various rewards!

Even if you only connect for a week, you get three legendary heroes!
If you connect for a month, add three more legendary heroes!

Jump into the world of Dark Road now!

# # New Legend Hero Sari El appeared! ##

Special hero to give a shield, Sari El appeared!

# # New Legend Hero Jean appeared! ##

An assassin who deals with poison and fire, appears Jin!

## Graphics Upgrade! ##

One-dimensional enhanced graphics, feel it now!

Respect your taste! Unique heroes!
– Various heroes are waiting for you.
– From the handsome, beautiful woman,
Meet the Dark Lord of charismatic heroes.

A combination of heroes with more than 200 different skills
– An authentic turn-based RPG with lots of skill combinations
– The skills of heroes are exerted by synergy.
– All heroes can evolve and synthesize to the highest level.
– Use your hero and skill to suit your style
Create your own unique strategy.

Strategy, tactical new paradigm
– Play your own strategy according to the pattern of the monster that does not get tired.
– Experience the battle of numerous patterns including hero placement, heroic attack order, and heroic skills.
– The pleasure of strategy and strategy will give you the fun of differentiating from the existing game.
– The pleasure of victory achieved with my fingertips is incomparable.

※ I assure you that your hands and hair are the most accurate and perfect.

Various modes to enrich the fun of the game
– Over 180 stages of adventure zones
– PVP dungeon to prove my strength
– A day dungeon that can evolve the best heroes
– Friend, come with me! Friends with friends Raid!
– Once a strong hero becomes a stronger hero.

Get various items!
– You also got a strong hero, let me get ~
Collect strong heroes using summoning and compositing!

Easy-to-use tutorials
A perfect interface for beginners!

Stupid Auto Fight RPG game Stop it!

Games with various heroic strategies and tactics,

“Dark Road” is strongly recommended.
Developer contact:
Nuri Building 9h floor, 16 Sopyeong-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul다크로드

1. God Mode
2. One Hit / High Damage
3. Always Critical
4. Attack Rate 100% ( No Miss )
5. More Turn 100% ( Double Turn )
6. Auto Play
7. Works for PVE, PVP, Raid, Dungeon And Abyss ( All Mode )

NOTE: Must Equip Item/Equipment to make it works!


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