CrossFire: Legends v1.0.38.38 Mod Apk


CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire: Legends v1.0.38.38 Mod Apk

From 09/08/2017 to end on 29/09/2017 day, a day when users loaded buy any one of these packages will receive 1 box GEM Lucky Box (opens proportion receiving weapons or permanent orange day telecommunications), gifts will be awarded to your account after 48 hours.

Full mode: 5v5 PvP, PvE, multiplayer, probation for prime, solo, close combat, ambush the enemy base, pursuing the enemy ends of the map, or even a bomb … In addition, the regime RANK will play again dramatic than ever.
★ smooth graphics – BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE.
4K resolution with 60 fps frame rates up to create beautiful graphics platform to detail. Easy remote operation also brings great experience.
★ LEGENDARY MAP – unleash rampage.
Map classics: crossroads of death, desert storm, stations, ships, military bases … and a lot of game modes fun: organized team boss hunting world, tower defense, death arena, beginning loud and a very special feature is hide and seek.
★ FIREARMS immense – you “ga”.
Satisfied to discover and own arsenals present the most diverse: Barret, AWM, AK47, M4A1, AUG, … can change the color upgrade and added more strength to fight.
★ magnificent GOLF TOURNAMENT – world class.
FPS professional eSports tournament for FPS online gaming community on the whole territory of Vietnam are held regularly with unprecedented scale. Beat the gunner, sniper ambush last class and took home gifts home !!!

– Optimize the system more fair play league Rank, attractive
– New game modes such as Ghost, parkour, security standards, duplicates Zombie Grave Stock Loulan Kingdom.
– A variety of new maps: Narrow Lane, the toys, the hotel new year, Christmas party, ateliers, harbor …
– New characters: Sonoko, Fox 2017, Rose 2017, Venus
– And a lot of guns or other equipment that promises to bring more compelling experiences to gamers.

Combat with friends anytime, anywhere with the legendary shooter CrossFire Legends!


★ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Support the sharing features on Facebook (read image information).
★ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Support the sharing features on Facebook (note image information).
★ GET_ACCOUNTS: Support notification feature
★ RECORD_AUDIO: Supports VoiceChat

CrossFire: Legends
CrossFire: Legends
CrossFire: Legends
CrossFire: Legends
CrossFire: Legends
CrossFire: Legends

1. Chams Enemies / Wallhack
* Show Enemies from or behind Wall and other with Color, Don’t use it otherwise game will force close after match end.
2. ESP Boxes
* Mark the enemy with Boxes.
3. ESP Lines
* Mark the enemy with Lines.
4. ESP Distance
* Display Range Distance in Meters.
5. ESP Enemies Player Info
* It will Display Player Name, Health and Distance.
6. Fields of Views
* Original Value 44 and Max Value 120

Install steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


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