CrimsonHeart2 v1.1.5 (Mod Apk)




CrimsonHeart2 v1.1.5 (Mod Apk) [ Hard core control Action RPG ]
Get reward items for every 5 levels.
Please check the mailbox in the game for event compensation ?

Happy hour : Log-in 6pm~12am , receive 15 Gold Cubes (everyday)

[Game Features]
▶ Party System
– You can make two characters into one party.
– Depending on the combination of characters, you can use a unique action, strategy.

▶ More than 1,000 different items
– More than 100 different unique items
– Decorate your character with over 400 costumes!

▶ Ancient Dungeons: Numerous adventures hidden in the world
– Ancient dungeons that grow whenever you clear.
– Conquer ancient dungeons to gain faster leveling and more items!

▶ Infinite Tower: A lot of monsters coming to me!
– Exciting and Exhilaration spreading from the beginning of the first floor!

▶ Wing cards: important items for stronger characters
– Items that make the characters stronger
– See the power of the wing that appears when the card is equipped.

▶ Wing card Battle: New concept PVP
– An exciting battle over 2 VS 2
– Feel the thrill of winning. And get your cumulative rewards!

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