Cover Fire Elite Shooter v1.2.2 (Mod Apk)


Cover Fire Elite Shooter

Cover Fire Elite Shooter v1.2.2 (Mod Apk) Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games

Welcome to the new sniper game of 2019. The time has come to prove your worth and become a pro in this sniper game if you are fond of sniper games. There are many other offline games and online games but this sniper shooting adventures is what you are waiting for in which you’re going to have elite killer and sniper shoot. There are dozens of interesting missions to take on the terrorists in all game with sniper shoot. You have to download new game of action; you will definitely enjoy the amazing story line of this cover shoot. This is all about secret missions and you are leading the operations in elite killer listed in new games.

You might have been played other shooting games but this is a new game in gun games’ category. It’s all in your hands to end up the crime in these type of games with some new features. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to cash your skills in the best among all free games and offline games. Keep in mind, the missions of best games are not easy, you need to stay in cover in this sniper game to keep yourself safe from enemies’ shooting. This FPS is one of the best gun shooter games available for you on google play platform.

Nowadays top games are difficult to find out but whenever you want to play best games from the play store just type shooting games and you will find all new games in shooting category. The game-play of this sniper shooting game is very interesting. Players of all age will definitely love this new shooting game. There is no training required for these types of shooting games because it’s easy to play and become a real elite killer with sniper shoot skills. You just have to follow the instructions to complete every shooting mission successfully. There are three different modes to play this action game. You can play survival mode of this new game in which there is no time limit and ammunition is also unlimited. But you have limited energy in which you have to manage yourself in eliminating all terrorists.

This is one easy way to earn cash in this free sniper game, to snatch all the game features you have to download this shooting arena. There is another mode; time trial in which you have to eliminate all the targets within given time to become a legend sniper shooter. The last one is the contract mode. Here, you have to complete a series of missions in our all new games of shooting. These missions include different tasks. The difficulty level will also increase as you proceed to next missions. There are different sniper guns in this shooting game. You can buy new sniper rifles by spending some cash that you have earned from different missions in sniper shoot game.

All old pattern games in action category are becoming boring now because of traditional development. But we are here to provide all new games’ features to entertain you with the best quality of graphics in this new game of shooting. The controls of this shooting game are very easy and user friendly. The movement buttons are on the left side of the screen in this combat sniper strike game. However, the action buttons like firing, change stance are on right side in sniper games. You can also adjust scope of your sniper rifle gun. There are fire and reload buttons as well. Play this sniper game more and polish your commando games skills. This sniper shoot will definitely take you to the whole new level of fun.

Cover Fire Elite Shooter Features
• Different Sniper Guns
• Technical assassination missions
• Different locations and backgrounds
• Difficult levels and stages to complete

If you have no Wi-Fi, you can play new sniper game absolutely free because we offer you the best offline games.
Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games
Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games
Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games
Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games
Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games
Cover Fire Elite Shooter – Free Shooting Games

Unlimited Gold/ Cash/ Energy


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