Conquesc of Legend v1.3.2 Mod Apk


Conquesc of Legend

Conquesc of Legend v1.3.2 Mod Apk ◆ lead the history of the war to the world
The East and West history of the army into your command, including: a hundred years of war to save the French save the heroine Joan of Arc, the Japanese Warring States famous Oda Nobunaga, two days of first-class Kendo ancestral mausoleum Musashi, fog community anti-Japanese event Mona Rudo, set beautiful Sexual perception in the ancient Egyptian Queen Edward Yan, there are well known Zhuge Liang, Qin Shi Huang, King Arthur and so on. Through the battle to collect material, nurture and strengthen each hero’s special skills and nirvana, to create a global heroes include steel giants!

◆ Round game play strategy to win
Using all-3D game board, the level of different places. Turn-based warfare mode so that the game is not only like the general hand tour selection roles each other big move, but also the use of land-type characteristics of manufacturing advantages, play the player’s strategic thinking in order to get the best results.

◆ multi-competitive mode of wits fighting skills
[Copy of the story]
Magnificent plot by the world history of the heroes around you with different formation and combination of clearance will break the hostile hero level to obtain generous incentives.

[ World Conquest ]
To the world map model, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Britain, Germany, France and other 90 countries in the country, with players from all over the world to conquer the world to conquer the world.

[Week copy]
A different copy of the day of the week challenges and gets heroic growth to strengthen the props.

[Instant PVP fight]
Real-time live one-on-one system of warfare, to increase the player between the war chess chess exciting sense of tension.

[Guild war]
The battle between the Society and the members of the Society. All members of the Society help each other to beat other guilds.


Mod Menu
Hero Attack
Hero Defense
Please set before battle


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