Connect Quest v1.0.8 (Mod Apk Money)



Connect Quest

Connect Quest v1.0.8 (Mod Apk Money) Complete puzzles by rotating tiles to make the city connect, or create your own puzzles and share them with others! Lots of unlocks, upgrades, and boosts mean there’s always plenty to do!

✔️ Features:
• Complete 235+ puzzles!
• Unlock and use 215+ tiles!
• 12 flows across 6 environments!
• Create, share, and import your own puzzles!
• Generate over 235 ^ 215 (1 septuagintacentillion ?) custom puzzles, you’ll never run out!
• Earn boosts to gain an advantage!

? Also:
• No internet required!
? Low battery usage!
• Regular content additions & new features!
• Supports Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish!
• Earn coins to unlock boosts, game modes, tiles, and packs!

? Customisation:
• Choose your favourite background / in-game music, or leave on random!
• Don’t like the game sounds ?? Pick new ones!
• Unlock and use new in-game background colours!

? Google Play:
• 30 Achievements
• 23 Leaderboards
• 21 Daily / Weekly Quests
• Automatic & Manual Cloud Saves ?

? About Developer:
Connect Quest is created and maintained by Jake Lee, a software engineer from England. If you’ve encountered a ? bug ?, or have an idea for a new feature, please mention it in a review or on and I’ll reply ASAP. I don’t bite!

? Supported Devices:
• All Android versions from ? Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3+) to Nougat, and beyond.
• All phone & tablet sizes, from a tiny 3.7″ Nexus One to a chubby 5.7″ Nexus 6P, and beyond to the 10.1″ Nexus 10!
• Portrait & landscape modes.
• Google Play Services are optional.

? Permissions:
• Billing: Used for in app purchases.
• Internet, External Storage, Network State: Used to save / import puzzles, and download adverts.
• External Files / Photos: Used to import + export puzzle cards.
• Vibrate: Optional vibration on tile rotate.

? Want to help out?
? Share the app with others!
? Leave a review or email me at!
? Purchase coins, coin doublers, or the tile unlocker!

Happy flowing, connect questers!

Connect Quest
Connect Quest
Connect Quest
Connect Quest
Connect Quest
Connect Quest


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