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Collapse Tw

Collapse Tw v1.5.0 Mod Apk New version – cherry reincarnation, summer struck! The new goddess of eight red cherry war!
【game introduction】
“Crash 3rd” lit ACG action of the soul! The next generation of action game attack!
Players will play the captain of the Hugh Buryan, command lead the Valkyrie forces, and come with the dead around the world and the collapse of the beast confrontation, together for the world all the good fight!
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– soul awakening eight cherry blossoms!
“In order to bear the promise … no one can stop me!”
Witch dormant centuries of the soul, by the body of the swollen body awakening, is endless revenge or seeking salvation?
New soul awakening Valkyrie – eight cherry blossoms! A-level [anti-God witch], S-class [Royal God loaded do not forget] to join the battle!

– open world cherry reincarnation!
New rumor – open the world cherry reincarnation open! Cherry falling village, described the eight cherry can not escape the reincarnation … can not save the loved ones, fox demon leopard pills whispering, had to know each other with the lotus,
The plot of the crime line of the crime of evil barrier, the new boss fox demon leopard pills and Cabin waiting for the captain of the challenge, eight cherry fate, the captain can rewrite?
In addition, the open world also joined the exorcism mission, the shrine and other special play.

– Summer Festival · Swimwear party!
Summer comes, the goddess together to open swimsuit party, the new swimwear modeling and holy marks to join! More open world food festival, summer swimsuit activities, etc. have been launched! Sexy swimsuit, food feast, experience the collapse of the world’s cool summer!

– many people connected to the team attack!
Online team daily training open, and friends work together! Add a wealth of joint combat hurdles, complete a variety of combat missions, the establishment of the strongest team!

Any problems encountered in the game, please write to or in the game through the love letter mailbox response: feedback -> love letter box
Installation recommendations: Please use Android OS 4.1 or more, the game package body larger, please install the game to ensure that the phone storage space in more than 1.3G.


1. Weaken the enemy attack
2. unlimited skills


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