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Chaos Saga

Chaos Saga v1.0 Mod Apk is one of the most popular manga style games in 2017, which contains hundreds of Manga Heroes under master summoners command. Assemble Your Very Own Draem Team to fight now!

=Game Features=
★ Over 100 Manga Heroes★
There are hundreds of manga-style heroes are wating you to summon. Each of Hero has its own background story and unique skills.

★Intense Real-Time Battle ★
Command your heroes to cast the ULT skills.Stun,Explode,Slow or Heal… Refine your battle strategy through real-time battle!

★Build the best guild★
Invite frenids to guild your guild,battle with the other guild,To be the NO.1 guild!

★Marry your special someone★
In the game Through the love function,you can make friend nearby and marry with him/her!

=Contact us=

Chaos Saga
Chaos Saga
Chaos Saga
Chaos Saga
Chaos Saga

1.) 10x dmg, 10x def, 2x hp (SFX off)
2.) max VIP

1.) play original apk first till you get VIP 1 in game, can’t remember what the perks for VIP 1
2.) max VIP so far only gave 3x speed, no idea what other perks you can get
3.) this mod should work in PvP, watch what you’re doing

Install Steps:
0.) download OBB and extract to its location
1.) install original apk, play to pass all tutorial till VIP 1 (skip if you don’t care)
2.) install mod
3.) play


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