Chain Chronicle 3 v3.1.2 Mod Apk


Chain Chronicle 3

Chain Chronicle 3 v3.1.2 Mod Apk
Collaboration starts on TV animation “Advance Giant”!

■ What is “Chain Chronicle 3”?
New work smart hobby that five hero woven RPG–
“Chain Chronicle 3” is a multi-chain scenario RPG where the five stories of five protagonists will eventually interlace.

▼ – The future to be continued. Please write a new chronicle (chronicle).
The stage is the five cities of “the Holy Kingdom”, “Tower of the Wise”, “The Tenth of the Fire”, “The Nine Territories of the Fire”, “The Lake City of the Desert” “The Shrimp Island” of the Fugitive Continent “Yugdo”. Players receive the assistance of the hero of the five protagonists, the cities of each city, and the “legendary volunteer” who once saved the world, and will unravel the grand story.

▼ Five story interlaces and intertwining scenario route map
“Heroic Tan” “Seishun Monogatari” “Drama” “Illusionary Temple” “Shura Den” – A main story in which each story dramatically intersects, and a versatile story that allows the characters to feel familiar.

▼ An exhilarating battle system that is inevitable with consumer games
An action / tower defense battle that can destroy enemies approaching by just tapping the character and moving it. By combining skills that can be activated with one touch and a variety of abilities, you can enjoy refreshing and profound strategy.

▼ From 3, can also play from 1! Main story selection function
Implemented the main story selection function which can switch the new story “3”, the girl of the chronicle and the story of the volunteer “1” during the game.


Improve the repair
Increase blood volume


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