Caveman Hero Adventure v4.1.1 (Mod Apk Money)



Caveman Hero Adventure

Caveman Hero Adventure v4.1.1 (Mod Apk Money)
Download Caveman adventure and see why over One hundred thousand people have enjoyed this game all over the world!

Caveman adventure Return to Jurassic Dinosaurs In the age of human rock, friends have to find a fight and kill each other between humans, rocks and dinosaurs. Nowadays, many people are interested in the story of dinosaurs and dinosaur replicas, so that children learn to find fossils. Of the Stone Age. Dinosaurs have a large character. And most scary T-Rex is a hunting predator. And like fighting dinosaurs with each other when the Stone Age is a human. There is no knowledge of how to build a farming town, but it has been found to be animal husbandry. There is a clash between people and Saturn by T. Rex can eat people and long dinosaurs will eat plants as food. In those days, most people live in Siberia.

Dinosaur and caveman Within the game, players will return to the Stone Age with awesome dinosaurs. Many are on the way. And in the forest, when the city was destroyed. And the invasion destroyed the 3d city to hunt for humans as food. Back to the millions of years ago. Players must adventure in the jungle and must find many hunters on the way to meet. Dinosaurs living in the water And birds fly in the sky to keep attacking players. There are ambushes from various masters. Many players can hit. Or fire weapons. On the way, players can find treasure. When players leave. From the beginning Players can collect money on the way to buy equipment for travel, such as resurrection lightning, increase run rate. Anti-Shielding When a player holds a weapon during the way, the player can Weapons can be added to weapons and weapons. When players go through various missions, the dinosaurs will find giant king dinosaurs. And to attack the player with the ball is a game of dinosaurs. It can be played both offline and online and also to friends. Loaded to play with free. A new game that my friends have to try.


Features for world caveman Game
1. There are 20 stages.
2. many monsters, such as turtles, bears, dinosaurs, birds and many accessories and special worlds.
3. Graphics are beautiful, sound quality.
4. Easy to play, fun and kids and adults playable.
5 can collect money within the game to buy items within the game.

★ Player thief games You will find updates on the game for a great experience to play. We hope you will update the game to the current version for fun to play.

★ Thank you for the download. Friends many people multiplayer are waiting for you. Have fun. For free.

Have fun enjoy the Caveman adventure. 2018!

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Caveman Hero Adventure Game
Caveman Hero Adventure Game
Caveman Hero Adventure Game
Caveman Hero Adventure Game
Caveman Hero Adventure Game

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