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Bum Chiu

Bum Chiu v1.0.0 Mod Apk BIG CHU – GAME ONLY PK, boss hunt, bang battle, siege by COMPUTER. Unique play style helps players balance between Strength – Tactics – Skills

What is attractive?
1. Chibi graphics, live voice
2. 4 classes of natural objects each other
3. Full set of 100+ super heroes Marvel, DC, Anime …
4. Skill, fashion designed for each superhero
5. The unique combination between immersive and shooting coordinates
6. Gameplay balanced by Tactics vs Skills
7. Challenging Rankings System
8. National League System with gamers worldwide
9. Force, Corner, Wind is just a little thing, Bố Chíu also Storm, Earthquake, Time Portal
10. Capacity 100mb, smooth play every machine!

Super heroes from different worlds, parallel worlds have gathered together for the call of Supreme Leader Arch Angel Michael. Reason! Monsters from the Greater Blank Hole space have broken through the last line and attacked Pearl Land, the spiritual capital of humanity. Choose one of the four warriors of Pearl Land and stand on the front line with superheroes! To once again restore peace in the sacred land of mankind!

Come to Bố Chí you will be stepping into a fierce battle between the super heroes with both “limbs” and “brain”.

Homepage: http://bumchiu.vn
Fanpage: http://facebook.com/bumchiu.vn
Released by VTC Mobile

Bùm Chíu
Bùm Chíu
Bùm Chíu
Bùm Chíu
Bùm Chíu
Bùm Chíu


Immortal (only works with monsters, no matter with boss)


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