Bullet Echo v2.1.1 (Mod Apk)


Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo v2.1.1 (Mod Apk) Prove your skill in this tactical Battle Royale team shooter.

Unlock dozens of different characters each having its tactical cons and pros.

Use special abilities – each one dictates unique strategy!

Find loot on the map to gear up, pick the right tactical position, pursue team strategy and be the only team surviving!

Feed your foes bullets and grenades, defibrillate fallen allies and avoid the dead zone!

Arrange the ambush, sneak from behind, utilize map advantages and win the tough fight!

Official Discord server of the game: https://discord.gg/DxGZXNR
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo

Modify and use bullets instead of decreasing but increasing

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


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