Bubble Genius – Popping Game! v1.52.0 Mod Apk


Bubble Genius - Popping Game!

Bubble Genius – Popping Game! v1.52.0 Mod Apk  is the fast and furiously fun bubble shooter that’s all about popping bubbles! Play to match 3 or more colored bubbles to make them pop and clear the stage. Help genius inventor Penny to advance through the levels and foil villainous Vee’s plans by aiming accurately to hit the targets!

Make ’em Pop!
Pop bubbles by matching up their colors – it’s fantastic fun. Bubble Genius is played by countless gamers all over the world, every day. Try this cool game, fill your world with color, and make those bubbles go POP!

Hot Features
This game really hits the spot with a bunch of great features.
• Totally free and always will be. Play as much as you want!
• Hundreds of levels. Bubble Genius offers over 500 unique and addicting levels, with 20 brand-new levels added every other week, so you won’t have to battle boredom anytime soon.
• Five unique playing modes for you to choose from: Pop the Top, Hit the Targets, Free the Furbbles, Capture the Grubbles, and Defeat Vee.
• Enjoy boss battles with villainous Vee in special levels full of action-packed fun.
• Exclusive floating bubble packs rotate, merge and split apart when you blast them, adding a brilliant new gameplay challenge.
• Win powerful boosters that help you to clear stages, break records, and play longer.
• Fun features make each round captivating and challenging. Shoot it out with Vee in epic bubble battles. Aim for the top of the high score table and become the next record breaker.
• Outstanding graphics make the game pop, the challenge exciting, and the entire experience seriously fun!
• Invent as you go. Collect spare parts and combine them in different ways to craft spectacular power-ups and boosters!

Bubble Genius brings you an entire world filled with lovable characters, weird and wonderful destinations, and a colorful theme that really draws you into the game. Once you start playing, nothing will break the spell.

Jump into Bubble Excitement Now!
Bubble Genius is THE GAME to pop your downtime. With billions of bubbles to pop, aim for the targets in this exciting bubble-popping challenge! Download and play Bubble Genius for free right now!

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1.) blueprints high reward value for everything (unlocks after level 14)
2.) blueprints no parts required for crafting
3.) blueprints crafting always available
4.) quests high reward value
5.) events high reward value
6.) no ads

Important: YOU MUST NOT have full or unlimited lives when level 14 is completed or you will not be able to craft during the tutorial. After passing the tutorial between level 14 and 15 no parts are required and you can craft as often and as much as you’d like. That said, be sure not too claim unlimited lives in quests if offered (quest rewards are random on install) until tutorial is completed for Blueprints.


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