Brilliant star rebellion v2.1.7 Mod Apk


Brilliant star rebellion

Brilliant star rebellion v2.1.7 Mod Apk 【Basic play free · Lycemala unnecessary! 】
If it is now the first time Gacha can retake any number of times! It is!

■ □ ■ Incidence degree MAX! ■ □ ■
Action · Multi Tower Defense RPG
Brilliant star reverion (Hoshi’s rebellion) is new!

◆ Characteristics of Terry Star’s Rebellion (Hoshiribe) ◆

● New sense!
Action · Multi Tower Defense ●
Summon with one touch!
Swipe out instructions for moving!
If you move with predicting the type and behavior of the enemy
The fight will be advantageous!

If you activate the skill, you will not be disappointed
Pounding a strong blow on the enemy!
Depending on the timing of use, one reversal is also possible!

◆ Super quality superior quality! ◆
More than 200 beautiful & cute heroes!
More than 200 heroes are waiting for you to meet you.

High quality 3D mini characters are also available
Go around as you narrow the stage!

◆ Real time guild battle!
Collaborate with the guild’s parties and deprive the base of the enemy!
Which bases are to be controlled first is a division of fight.
Utilize chat, in real time with friends
Let’s cooperate.
We challenged large-scale battle of up to 20 to 20,
Take victory in your hand!

◆ Character Voice of luxury voice actors, make the fight even hotter!
Asami Imai, Eri in Kitamura, Yuka Otsubo, Nao Tamura
More than 80 voice actors are in charge of voice.
The battle is even more exciting!

◆ Story ◆
On that day the earthquake occurred in various parts of the planet Malakia,
Everything in the world began to change … ….

Suddenly, Remerace is becoming ferocious.
People who run away.
And the power of foreign power to wake to yourself.

Led by a girl singing song, now the curtain of the story surrounding the planet opens –

[About defects in specific terminals]
Currently confirming that trouble will occur at the following terminals.
· SH-01E
· SHL 21
· SH-10D
· SBM 200SH
Defect description: The screen turns black

Currently we are investigating the cause of the problem.
We are sorry for the users who use this terminal
We appreciate your patience as we wait for a while until response is completed.

Also, from the development tool (Unity)
When the screen becomes black, from the main unit setting of your terminal,
By choosing a developer option,
Check the checkbox “Disable HW Overlay”
If you turn it on, it is announced that it may be resolved.
I’m sorry to cause you trouble,
I am pleased if you can try this once.
· Recommended OSAndroid 4.1 or later.
· Support for operations other than recommended OS version is not supported.
· Even if it is recommended OS version, operation may be unstable depending on the usage situation of the customer.
· Regarding the recommended OS version, even if it states “AndroidXXX or higher”, it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.


1. to improve the attack
2. to improve blood


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