Brawl Lords KR MMORPG v1.2.9 (Mod Apk)


Brawl Lords KR MMORPG

Brawl Lords KR MMORPG v1.2.9 (Mod Apk) BrolloD <247 Story> is a casual and neglected game that combines RPG features with European fantasy material. The game is in a neglected mode, freeing both hands freely. Contains many event contents at the same time. Mysterious dungeon adventure and original spoof content is a surprise, , Old, etc. Game experience Traditional MMO growth line Authentic WoW visual experience Feel the scriptures in the form of neglected Many items Pet ride, etc. We have everything We are waiting for an infinite battle!

About Broload Games

Full-fledged MMORPG 24/7 !!!

1. 24 hours! Become the strongest warrior in an endless battle!
Automatic growth system that goes on even offline!
There is no rest! Even if you are asleep, your growth will continue!
Experience yourself as soon as possible!

2. Taking and taking away PVP !! Before occupation !!
Ranking contest which is updated every day!
Before occupation spreads by region!
Deathmatch guild fighting!

3. It’s simple but everything is there !?
Warrior, Wizard, Hunter! Traditional RPG worldview faithful to the basics.
Four basic attributes with weights and special attributes added.
Smelting, Strengthening, Upgrading, Synthesis, Succession, Runes, Mastery Get up to the top with 10 types of reinforcement systems!

The slogan is a game created based on a game of a stand-alone game that is popular with the “real-time-allowed RPG”.

The Brollo RPG is not a completely neglected game. So Brolrod and Pro Resive Quest have a lot of differences in common. Brolrod grows without knowing it, but progressive quests must be turned on to grow.

Conversely, Progressive Quest turns it on to change equipment and receive quests, but Brollload can not only change the character’s equipment but also enhance it. Progressive Quest takes care of the hunting and moves the story, but the Brollover can move the hunting ground directly. In addition, Progressive Quest also takes care of skill points, but Broll Road can also invest skill points.

Brollold is a neglected game, but it seems to have overcome the disadvantage of neglecting the neglected game in that it does not go all the way even if left completely alone.

Of course, the game is automatic, so you can easily enjoy it because there are few things to be careful about.브롤 로드 - 247스토리 - 3D 방치형 MMORPG
브롤 로드 - 247스토리 - 3D 방치형 MMORPG
브롤 로드 - 247스토리 - 3D 방치형 MMORPG
브롤 로드 - 247스토리 - 3D 방치형 MMORPG
브롤 로드 - 247스토리 - 3D 방치형 MMORPG
브롤 로드 - 247스토리 - 3D 방치형 MMORPG

1. Move speed x2
2. Artifact cd is 4 sec
3. VIP 20

Info: VIP 20 give autocast artifact found in Character Artifact settings
a few bonus working
vip rewards don`t work


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