Bravery Oblivion v1.0.11 Mod Apk


Bravery Oblivion

Bravery Oblivion v1.0.11 Mod Apk The new hero “Astaroth” pickup Gacha enforcement!
During confirm “Release Memorial hero Gacha” S rank 1 or more!
“Pre-registration campaign” breakthrough item for free!

□ ■ or God, or the devil. □ ■
– easy touch fully automatic real-time 3D battles!
– Let’s strengthen Tokoton a variety of skills with the “hero” us!
– with a variety of hero was left to oblivion mysterious story that carve out your destiny
– Destiny (scenario) is changed by a decision “Kamima judgment system” loading!

“Brave Lee Oblivion (Bureobu)” game introduction

○ 3D real-time action RPG
Battle proceeds in basically the auto, just tap the skill button at the likes timing!
Complete auto-battle that activation of skills also can be performed in the auto is also available!

And strengthening ○ hero of summons
A hero by collecting the “soul” and “release”
You can travel together as your hero.
Performs a variety of reinforcement, let’s grow the strongest hero!

○ weapon enhancements and customization of
In the world of Brave Lee Oblivion a lot of weapons appeared
A variety of enhanced methods to exist!
Equipped to your favorite hero Let’s further strong hero!

○ advantageously Susumeyo Let the adventure fellow!
If you find a fellow friend or guild, you can proceed adventure efficiently advantageously

○ Kamima judgment system
Swing by your judgment “Kamima gauge”
Scenario will change some depending on whether the gauge is pointing to where

○ breathe life into unique heroes, gorgeous voice actors
Hidemi Yuichiro Umehara Chiwa Saito Kato village Hikari Midorikawa
Yuko Kawanishi Yuiko Tatsumi Haruka Yoshimura Takano Mazda Asami ToshiSae Kaku Yamamoto

○ price
Apps body: Free
※ There is some paid items

○ Recommended terminal
OS 4.4 or higher (recommended 5.0 or higher)
Recommended system memory 2GB or more
※ part of the terminal equipped with the intel-based CPU is also not meet the installed memory, it has been a non-supported terminal
※ customer support in other than the recommended terminal, compensation, etc. I can not do. Humbly Please acknowledge.

※ app “Settings” before you use the “Help” Please use on the check always Terms of Service from.

Depending on your usage environment or a terminal ※, there is the case that the game does not work smoothly.
To exit the application, restart turn off the power of the terminal, there is a case to be improved in the cache clear perform, such as

ブレイブリーオブリビオン【 アクションRPG ブレオブ 】
ブレイブリーオブリビオン【 アクションRPG ブレオブ 】
ブレイブリーオブリビオン【 アクションRPG ブレオブ 】
ブレイブリーオブリビオン【 アクションRPG ブレオブ 】
ブレイブリーオブリビオン【 アクションRPG ブレオブ 】
ブレイブリーオブリビオン【 アクションRPG ブレオブ 】

Massive Damage
Massive Defense
Always Critical Hit
Max Attack Speed
Max Mov Speed


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