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Brave Frontier Japan

Brave Frontier Japan v1.7.3 Mod Apk

domestic player number 6.5 million people, the entire world total of 25 million people break through!
★★★ very popular during the delivery! ★★★

Operation verification already recommended ※ terminal, please refer to the following. Also you can play in the tablet terminal.
※ Please note that no installation and operation of which is guaranteed by the terminal that are not listed here.
※ Recommended terminal information will be updated from time to time.

[Introduction of the game]
Crisp too! Super authentic RPG “Burefuro” is finally here!

When the door is Shi opened, the fate of the gear start around …
by the force of the eye awake Shi summons, and Save the World “Grand Gaia” of the gods!

[Whatever summon a variety of unit who]
Summoned unit who more than 1000 kinds!
Fire, water, and event organized tree, lightning, light, the strongest team by collecting unit who consisting of six attributes of darkness!

[Full-scale dot action]
Fun battle screen is only looking!
Whatever enjoy the unique and intense action of the luxury unit who were drawn with a dot!
Units Unusual evolution looks nor action must-see quality!

[Exhilaration outstanding battle system]
Crispy on the touch panel exhilarating!
And realize the UI in pursuit of intuitive operation from the normal attack to trigger the deadly skills.
The Kimero the Spark attack to match the timing!

[Arena Battle of incandescent]
PvP Battle players together unfolds between unit who nurtured!
Do you and wins the fight in the arena, be able to master the strongest summon position! ?

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ブレイブ フロンティア【無料本格RPG-ブレフロ】
ブレイブ フロンティア【無料本格RPG-ブレフロ】
ブレイブ フロンティア【無料本格RPG-ブレフロ】
ブレイブ フロンティア【無料本格RPG-ブレフロ】
ブレイブ フロンティア【無料本格RPG-ブレフロ】
ブレイブ フロンティア【無料本格RPG-ブレフロ】

1. Modify the energy
2. Weaken the enemy
3. BB / SBB
4. Capacity modified to 1k
Honor Points
6. High ZEL compensation
7. High Karma rewards
8. Increase the storage capacity
9. to enhance the player attack power

Installation Please note:
1. The first solution to install genuine, direct installation of modified version, following the introduction of your account, remember that regular release, complete!
2. [Root player], with titanium backup backup game information, you can save time with the updated download. After installing the modified version, in the titanium backup select game backup, restore the “data”, and then lead your account.
3. Install a modified version, such as the encounter “install unknown APP” then Google search answer, each phone has a different setting!


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