BR Style v0.944 (Mod Apk)


BR Style

BR Style v0.944 (Mod Apk) Race with brazilians cars, drag race and wheelie in roads of Brazil! customize your car or motorcycle as you want and meet new people in multiplayer! It’s basically a v2 of “Brasil Tuned Cars Drag Race”.

Game content
★ 2 Motorcycles!
★ 14 Cars!
★ Rio de Janeiro map!
★ Brasília map!
★ Multiplayer with drag race against other players!
★ Race agains lots of enemies!
★ Wheelie through speed bumps and between cars!
★ Regular updates always with new features!

BR Style, made by a brazilian for brazilians. or for you if you have good taste.

Join the group on facebook to leave feedback and share photos of your cars with other players:
BR Style
BR Style
BR Style
BR Style
BR Style
BR Style

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