Bad person 2 v1.0.1 Mod Apk


Bad person 2

Bad person 2 v1.0.1  Mod Apk
【game introduction】
The story takes place in a frequent wars era. Forces the parties to compete for the legendary treasure of Longquan, inner desire to expand to meet the battle. There are addicted to gambling, such as life, cruel ruthless liangwang with beautiful flower, love disguised as a man of Qi Wang, as well as duplicity, duplicity of the king, and Face stunt, mysterious bad people. Character portrayed full, varied, are to survive in this troubled times with their own way, for their own interests. Hero, you will use what way to complete your journey?
[Game Features]
● Restore the original masterpiece perfect
Man 3D hand top country tour “Bad Man 2” game story absorbed the essence of the original, to ensure 100% reduction story, full of sense of substitution, allowing the player to experience the true story of soul-stirring story, unique feel bad people in the world!
● original seiyuu portrait vocals
“Bad Man 2” the same team effort to hand tour the original vocals, drama scenes massive reduction of fine 3D modeling, like immersive. Fast together “Bad Man 2” sword rivers and lakes, enjoy a ultimate visual feast it!
● live action motion capture smooth
“Bad Man 2” hand tour to multiplayer online action role-playing games are played at the core, the use of live-action capture system, punch kick is captured by real people from the true sense of subversion against the esoteric martial imagine, so you first experience the most realistic perspective of ancient extinct martial art!
● Role Variety freedom of choice
“Bad Man 2” hand tour of all roles experience for free rotation operation, tailored skills so players an immersive experience for each character in the game and the role of the story! Come and pick one of your favorite character to fight it.
● Ones who lived the ups and downs of the dispute
“Bad Man 2” using hand tour really strong social arena battle system, the four gangs each respective forces in the political arena, players can choose their favorite faction to join, on behalf of their martial art fight for hegemony in the political arena bad people!

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