Ayakashi Hyakkaku Extreme v1.0.3 Mod Apk



Ayakashi Hyakkaku Extreme

Ayakashi Hyakkaku Extreme v1.0.3 Mod Apk That “Ayakashi pandemonium” view of the world is intact, monster story that is newly spun!
Character voice with by gorgeous actors, story part future full voice of schedule!

◇◇ story ◇◇

Stage of the story, the world to live a monster “妖界”

The beginning of the thing, and multiple simultaneous with 妖界 around
It was a mysterious riot by skeleton soldiers.

Ringleader that take away the specter hit the town unknown,
The riot of purpose unknown, was troubled streets much

On the other hand around that time.
Hero (players) is, from the hands of the skeleton soldiers Magic
It fits the temptation of the fox, which began the help of the girl-tail light,
Pandemonium had been tailored as Toryo of.

The next morning, shall be deemed to be replaced case is discovered –

Motivation is good all well that the end is also a impure!
Regardless enjoy the journey of the pandemonium of laughter Yes tears!

◇◇ game of contents ◇◇

■ cute monster we rampage! Making full use of deathblow, brilliant Nagitaose the enemy!

Full-scale turn-based battle with easy operation! Brilliant determine the skills and cute monster who,
Stand up to the giant boss and enemy monsters us! Set of characters in the deck forming
The key of the match wins! It attracted a lot of monsters us, trying to organize their favorite deck.

■ specter fans groan, there tears, laughter of the monster story!

In 妖界 causing the accident by someone who suddenly resurrected, Standing in the chaos led the pandemonium
Celebrating! Story of reading Gotae pat will overturned the common sense of Sumahogemu of until now.

■ like of such a view of the world are living with the specter us!

Cute characters who on the Home screen the image of a monster alley that monster we live is welcome.
If you put evolution to an avatar in hand, we can develop the specter us with your favorite costume.

■ a variety of battle events! How to enjoy the endless!

Want to fight in a single play, I want to fight in cooperation with fellow! Other colorful battle style
It provides a variety of battle event format together. Fun different from the main story
Care of 妖界 You also can enjoy. Other events also appeared one after another soon!

◇◇ voice actors (in alphabetical order) ◇◇
Kazusa aranami’s, Hiromi Igarashi, Mr. Toru Inamura, Sumire UESAKA, Mr. Akari Uehara, Aiko Okubo, Yutaka Koizumi, Takayuki Kondo, Reina Kondo, Takuya Sato, Sanada侑 Mr. Takeuchi Shun輔 san, Hibiki Tamura Hana’s, Daisuke Hatooka, Ms. Emi Hirayama, Mr. Shun Horie, Mariko Honda, Toshifumi Maeda, Kenichi Mine, Mr. Reiko Muratsubaki, Konomi’s Yuzaki, Konosuke Yoshikawa … such as


1. Weaken the enemy


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