AxE KR v2.5.2 (Mod Apk)




AxE KR v2.5.2 (Mod Apk) Nexon Ultra Mobile MMORPG Ax (World of Ax [AE] Spring Update April, 2019] 13 new areas: Mysterious Forest of the sparkle update New steam punk costume release

■ Union X Empire! Choose your own camp, the one who wants to resurrect God, and the inevitable war on his continent that will prevent the resurrection of God begins! Which side will you stand for?

■ Fierce PK between the camps in the conflict area! A field that can not be tense PK! Victory with your friends in strategic judgment!

■ Colosseum to cover the best of battlefield! Real-time 4 vs 4 team battle! Challenge those who have the honorable emblem! ! Dragon Treasure Battlegrounds! A vast battlefield where you can enter up to 75 vs 75. Defeat your enemies and win treasure! Eternal sanctuary! Eliminate the bosses located on each floor and challenge the higher levels! Take over the guilds and layers and gain a powerful buff!

■ Defeat the enemies and stand on top! Guild Wars! Take control of the base of the enemy guild and defend our base! The strongest guild will be given wealth and honor! Combine forces between the guild members to defeat the boss! Guild Squash Squash the stronger bosses with the guild members! Make the guild’s name shine from the top with rich rewards! Reid! Bosses that appear differently on different days can be defeated by cooperating with your team members! If you do more damage, you will get better booty! Full 3D action in the vast open world! Full 3D action and free camera view ! Experience the best graphics and action from OpenWorld!

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[Brand Page] http: //axe.nexon. If you want to know more about comAxE, please visit now! Guide to Smartphone App Access Permission When using the app, we are requesting access to provide the following services. [Optional Access Rights] Photo / Media / File Storage: Game installation files, saved update files, and attached screenshots to Customer Center The phone collection function is used for marketing information, : In order to use voice chat function in game [How to withdraw permission] Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings> App> Permission item> Permission list> Accept or withdraw permission from Android 6.0 or below: Revoke permissions or remove apps

※ The app may not provide individual agreement function and you can revoke access privileges by the above method.

—- Developer Contact: Nexon Korea Co., Ltd. Pangyo, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Korea And the number of the telephone number of the telephone number is the same as the number of the telephone number of th telephone number. : Seongnam “—- Developer Contact: 1588-7701

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