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Avatar Mate

Avatar Mate v1.0.0 Mod Apk let’s make the only character of their own from among the rich Avatar!
Chat and stamps, in a motion that can express feelings, is more fun communication!
Through meeting with fellow such as guild members and friends, it is also possible to find the one and only of the “partner”!

Extremely or aimed at the apex of the battle, or talk peers and partners and gudaguda, or each other to show the Corde …,
A little strange world where humans and monsters we live, will Tsukuso play in the enjoyment of my own! !

▼ community RPG created by people like you! ▼
Elements are lots of other players are involved!
Instead clothed only avatar yourself, you Konaso a request along with peers and Tomobake!

▼ simple tag battle with flick operation! Communication is the key to victory! ▼
Skill is triggered on the top and bottom of the flick! Replacing the vanguard and rear guard in the left and right of the flick!
Flashes of skill to match the breath, will decide the combo!
Help each other with friends, grab a victory!

▼ Grow the cute sidekick “Tomobake”! ▼
Grow the Tomobake is a cooperative ghost to human beings!
Evolution in cute in style, and more powerful!
And pooled Bakeenaji in combat, activate the “Tomobakekamo-down!”! Tomobake is able to help!

▼ combination of the avatar is freely? ! ▼
Gender and hairstyle, of course, is Kodawa up to weapons and clothes, eyes and eyebrows!
After creating the only of the characters yourself dress up in a variety of avatars, Misetsukeyo the pride of Corde!

▼ Aim for the heights along with the fellow in a Guild! ▼
In the guild, you can challenge to a higher degree of difficulty quest!
Use the support and facilities that the effect is exerted in the guild all members, will advantageously Susumeyo the battle!
Once deepen the unity of the guild members, will ascertain the power of bonds in the guild battle!

▼ a lot of fellow and communication ▼
Communication with a lot of buddies and chat stamp motion!
When friends become the quest or guild, the one and only to find a “partner” will deepen the two bonds!

▼ gorgeous voice actors to decorate the world of Avatar mate! ▼
Marina Inoue / Nobuhiko Okamoto / Yuki Ono / Kana Hanazawa / water to pray / kazusa aranami / Ayuru Ōhashi / Yutaka Koizumi / Emi Hirayama / Shūta Morishima / Lansbury Arthur (in no particular order)

World where humans and monsters co-exist
Also in the ghost, and Tomobake to live in cooperation with human beings, was divided into incompatible Norabake is a human.
Human and Tomobake that were in trouble in Norabake to the poor signed a relationship that mate, formed a Amekure Orchestra.
It had continued its activities in order to protect the peaceful life.
You why is scout in guts of Tomobake,
…… to be subjected to joining test of Amekure Orchestra.


1. Weaken the enemy
2. Improve player damage


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