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Au Stars

Au Stars v1.3.0 Mod Apk Is the only game on mobile music integrated fashion, music, dancing, karaoke online on the same product, Au Stars has officially opened a world benchmark in mobile Audition.
Come to Au Stars, players experience not only dance enthusiasts, listen and express the songs are storming the market, but also gay marriage, built the house a home and care your baby anymore!
– Game dancing choreography absolute simulate real life, with 4 modes unique dance: Dancing often, dance beat, jumping balloons, jumping 3K.
– Own Private Villa and Nurturing Baby Love – Couples will experience the care, playing, feeding each day. The baby will grow up, mature through each stage.
– Features full-server game extremely intense FAM and “blood and fire” with extremely valuable reward for all members of the FAM.
– Married men and born baby unique, allowing players the freedom to express what I lived true to themselves.
– Touch to open the GPS, the four friends.
– Karaoke Online – Become a star at the Academy Au Idol Stars, recording, sharing songs and all places.
– the hottest music system, updated according to K-pop charts, UK, V-Pop monthly.
– Fashion Shop extreme diversity with fashion system Horoscope impressive. The emergence of Shop Discounts makes owning trendy outfits become easier than ever.
Is the product unique legacy of the legendary computer game Audition jumped on by NPH TDE launched in 2006, is proud Au Stars Audition Game on Mobile Standard – offspring single mobile platform. With 3D graphics system, Au Stars characters remain to be the “cute” like on a computer but could always be with you to go all places with a mobile product and gentle 3G connection. You can still create Fam, competition over resources in order to assert, pet, marriage, take your baby to the man injured, mix map fashions or simply make friends four directions just by a touch enabled 3G .
Longer wait any longer, join now Au Stars Academy – Audition Preparation on mobile nhé!
Hotline: 19001530

Au Stars – Học Viện Audition
Au Stars – Học Viện Audition
Au Stars – Học Viện Audition
Au Stars – Học Viện Audition
Au Stars – Học Viện Audition
Au Stars – Học Viện Audition


1. Mod Auto Perfect (all modes)


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