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ALAZ Mobile

ALAZ Mobile v1.0.8.127544 Mod Apk [game introduction]
It was created by the famous Korean traveler “Chi Longcan” and combined with the unique and innovative gameplay of “ARPG + SLG”. It retains the immediate action control of ARPG’s quick blow, and it is perfectly integrated into SLG’s strategic construction of aggressive gameplay. The magnificent world view is accompanied by gorgeous and exquisite picture quality and various play styles. You can experience the magnificent epic war and enjoy the unparalleled sense of refreshment and achievement.

[game features]
◆ 3A producer, ingenious ◆
South Korea’s 3A game producer “Chi Longcan” once again broke through, ingenuity to create the first strategic ARPG mobile game masterpiece!

◆ Global originality, 3D siege warfare ◆
Global original ARPG+SLG gameplay! 2D plane town development OUT! 360 degree full 3D viewing angle launches siege attack!

◆ Devils confrontation, crusade against the dragon ◆
Tianzu vs. Mozu exclusive camp you choose! Justice is not absolute, unity is everything! Crusade the dragon to fight for the glory of the camp!

◆ Korean quality, burst blow ◆
Continuation of the orthodox South Korea’s highest quality game screen, sky city scene, siege warfare, PVP battle impact eyeball sense limit!

◆Featured race, 100 kinds of matching ◆
Seven heroes + featured races! Heavenly, Mozu, Dragon, Frogman, Orc, White Pelican and other 100 heroes collaborate freely to create exclusive lord legends!

◆ Massive fashion, changing dress ◆
Vampires, pirates, Yan Mo… and so on with a large number of special fashion to replace with the costume, the ever-changing dress became the most fashionable lord of the world!

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※ This game is based on game software classification management method as a supplementary 15 levels.
※ You must use this game before reaching the age of 15.
※ This game involves love dating, sex, violence, alcohol and tobacco, improper language.
※ The game plot is purely fictional, please pay attention to the use of time, do not indulge or improper imitation.
* Some contents must be paid separately. Do not use other people’s behalf to avoid contact with the law. “” ALAZ天翼之戰

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