AKB48 (official) v3.2.6 Mod Apk




AKB48 (official) v3.2.6 Mod Apk AKB48 group finally gathered in AKB official sound game! you only live of the curtain!
“AKB48”, “SKE48”, “NMB48” “HKT48” four members of the group total of 220 or more people appeared!
Play with all 100 songs and more!


*************** Surpassed the cumulative 2.8 million DL Thanks! ***************

[Game introduction]
▼ AKB48 Let’s play to choose each mode of the group!
AKB48 mode within the app, SKE48 mode, NMB48 mode, the mode HKT48
You can easily switch!
Choose your favorite members and groups, trying to play!

▼ latest music studded! Tap to the rhythm of the hit song!
SKE48 “gold of love, silver of love.”
NMB48 “I do not”
HKT48 “the best or”
It will also play in one after another additional latest song

▼ trying to get the original voice and background!
Raise the parent density of a member,
Get the original voice and background!

▼ unit organized freely! Try your favorite member to the center!
To dream of the center in your favorite costume to the favorite members!
Formed a dream unit, enjoy the best of the live of you only! ! !
Original unit name may also be put!

▼ member of or a photo, original voice also many included!
Exercise your members in the “lesson”! When growing a member,
It is possible to put a member of the photos and original voice to the hand!

▼ exhilarating rhythm action with a simple operation!
Score up by tapping and flick to the rhythm of the music!
Challenge in the degree of difficulty tailored to his arm from beginner to super advanced!

************************************************** *****************
Download “AKB48 group finally was the official sound game.” I am free.
Some paid items is also available,
It is also possible to enjoy free of charge.

(C) AKS (c) S & P

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App Body: (There is ※ Some pay item.) Free
[Operation OS]
Recommended environment: Android 4.2 or later
Operating environment: Android 4.0 or later
※ support in other than the recommended environment, compensation, etc. I can not do, please acknowledge.
[Operation check terminal]
Xperia acro HD (IS12S)
※ It is available for download any time other than the operation check terminal, but there are times when the operation is not stable depending on usage
With regard to the operation check terminal of the Android version of ※, we will guide you in here from time to time as soon as there is a change
※ on the previous use of “Terms” and always check, please use
————————————————– —–
In this application, the (stock) CRI · middleware
“CRIWARE (TM)” has been used.
————————————————– —–
JASRAC license No. 9014940002Y43032

AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)
AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)
AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)
AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)
AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)

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