Age of Wushu China v4.5.1 Mod Apk


Age of Wushu China

Age of Wushu China v4.5.1 Mod Apk Swept the world more than 90 million PC players, classic action martial arts masterpiece “Nine Yin Scripture” official transplant mobile phone, with the player to renew the front! In the hundreds of thousands of words a huge story system and realistic weather system to create the Ming dynasty under the mountain, the player will be through the exciting story of animation traction, the embodiment of the generation of knights homeopathy moves, Cut off the enemy, get the most immersive touched! 100% perfect transplantation virtual, real, frame real martial arts essence, coupled with a breakthrough map framework, all-dimensional 3D dodge fly, the next generation of hand tour charm is played most vividly. To win the book, contest, spying, militia … and other classic Jiuyin play one by one to reproduce, the real impeccable handheld arena world, in the “nine Yinzhenjingyou edition.”

Game features
▼ classic play perfect transplantation also you a true ▪ Jiuyin rivers and lakes
You tired of a fake transplant, really castration of the game yet?
The classic play, retains a high degree of freedom, a sense of fun and rich social networking system, and for mobile device optimization, in addition to playing the classic system, whether it is the map scene, game content But also very carefully portrayed and elegant, the most realistic martial arts face to the players.

▼ aerospace aerospace simulation, the perfect interpretation of dodge routes
This made for the addition of the unique martial arts of the Eastern martial arts Feiyanzoubi, volleyed Ta virtual exclusive “dodge” feature, all aspects of the 3D battle without dead, so you usually run map, over the task, can lightly across the obstacles, Battle is no longer confined to the plane, flying escape, the arena are your battlefield!

▼ martial arts champion call you to see the real show masterpiece martial arts
Based on the traditional martial arts and film action elements, combined with the game effects into fiction martial art martial. In addition, the world martial arts champion invited to simulate a variety of martial arts moves, combined with live dynamic capture, and into the role, the formation of a unique style of real martial arts, bring you the most fluent realistic combat pleasure!

▼ brain no longer fighting the brain is weak! Bid farewell to brainless martial arts game
The game is equipped with the latest combat system, through the “virtual move”, “real move”, “frame move” combat system, combined with thousands of martial arts secrets, create a wireless change, let you experience the thrill of fighting pleasure, bid farewell to brainless action game!

▼ thousands of peerless martial arts rampant rivers and lakes no one enemy
Inherited the original set of thousands of martial arts, beyond the martial arts game on the market, with gorgeous animation effects, in addition to martial arts unique martial arts, the more unique spread in the arena trick, by constantly upgrading martial arts routine state, Practitioners internal strength of heart, towards the generation of heroes of the road!

▼ fashion dressing room martial arts “Meng” you the most “type”!
Walking rivers and lakes, can not Diaoxie appearance, in addition to providing the normal role of the normal size, but also joined the Q-full body flavor Q version,
Let is too, Lolita battles are no longer distant dream. Not only that, through the fashion system, regardless of the hands or the body to wear, you can change the shape you like the shape, so that each character has a personal style, always let you live when the audience HOLD Heroes .

▼ rich community system allows you to not Carry can grow up
Rich community system, whether it is like to join hands with the heroes militia repair; or more than a contest, break a copy, playing field BOSS … all can be reached, so you no longer play a false line to get started, Real players to the players to achieve the exchange!

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* The software according to the game software classification management method, supplemented by 15 levels
* This game is free to use, the game also provides the purchase of virtual currency items and other paid services
* Please note that the game time, to avoid obsession


Features mods:
1. skills without CD (drama task is valid)
2. Unlimited mana

Installation instructions:
– Download the APK and install
– Open the game and load game data
– Play


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