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Aerial Legends

Aerial Legends v1.0.0 Mod Apk  New sense tower offense RPG aerial legend ◆ ◇ ◆
Battle to be unexpectedly pleasant Air leja!
A new RPG of new sensation that can be enjoyed from beginners to advanced people appears!
Heroes – It is you who lead the Legends to save the kingdom! It is!

● New sensation battle system
Let’s enjoy a tower offense game where you can move your own “Cannon ship” back and forth while fighting as a tower defense, or shoot out a battle character called “Aerial” from an artillery ship and hit an enemy to make a new attackable experience It is!

● Attractive character “Legends”
Players protect guardian kingdom 【guard】 Near summon various heroes – Legends from different world and fight together. Legends shows a lot of familiar “fairy tales” and “historical figures” in our world! It is!

● Decide! Do showy knockout technique “Arts”
Some Legends can also deliver [Aruzu] which is a deadwaxing technique during a battle. Must see a variety of Legends artists! It is!
Here we go! Let’s proceed with the battle favorably using the timing like that!

● Character development and partying organization
Legends available in the game can be trained by raising the degree of skill by battleing or by strengthening the class level with items.
Let’s challenge the battle by organizing parties with your favorite Legends!

● Let’s restore the castle town!
You will be able to help restore the castle town of the kingdom by proceeding with the game.
In the castle town, you can get along with the battle character, you can also buy and sell various items, so let’s develop more and more!

● Music and Character Voice Enriching the Story!
For music that excites dramatic scenarios and spectacular world views, Mr. Oshima Michiru famous for the theme song of the river drama etc. is appointed! In addition to the main character coloring the story, gorgeous voice actors will perform all the attractive battle characters!

● Prologue
Energy source filled with the world 【Air】.
Since the founding of the Kingdom of Highstin, he has enjoyed prosperity by [Air], but suddenly the group of monstrous dragons and monsters that have appeared suddenly overrun the land.

The giant dragon called “Hate Red” gave a cheek of [dark air] and changed every living thing to a demon.

Queen Alicia of the kingdom leads the kingdom troops and dispatches a foreign world hero who guards the kingdom – [Guard] with the power to summon Legends, and finally succeeds in pursuing the big dragon Hait Red.

However, the King’s army will be defeated of a mystery by one more step.
Queen Alicia became missing and the monster expanded its power to the entire kingdom … …


2. We attack against the enemy’s defense


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